Stevie Start

​​​​​​​and Swagger​

  • Never Seen the Sun3:08
  • Parade3:06
  • Said & Done3:28
  • She Says3:13
  • See You3:45
  • Goin' Home2:37
  • Gloves4:33
  • Born in Another Time2:38
  • Foolish Town2:11
  • Mexico4:43
  • Hollywood4:26

Stevie sings and plays all instruments except:

Chuck Smith - Banjo on track 2

​Tennessee Tom Kanow - Fiddle on tracks 5 & 6

​Best known now for his ability to recreate well loved songs from the past, Stevie also had a long career as an original songwriter and musician.  These are just a few of the many songs across different genres composed and performed over the years. 

​​​​​Roots, Rock, Pop

Songs written for and performed with The Boomchasers

Solo work and recordings 

  • Lucky Me4:21
  • The More I hear4:29
  • I Like3:20
  • Johnny Fame3:47
  • Countryboys, City dreams3:56
  • Stay2:10
  • Baby's got an achin' 20113:12
  • Tonite3:56
  • Just Like I Thought It Would Be3:55

​Original music

​​The Boomchasers are:

Stevie Start - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Paul McCormack - Guitars

Kevin McCormack - Bass

Paul Lobel - Drums

all songs copyright Steven Skowronski, published by Start Songs, ascap,  var. 1982-2011